Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trip 5: "The Blessings Continue!"       祝福は続く!

Wednesday, the group was able to once again return to the home of one of our new friends, Mr. Kawanami. You may remember him as the man whose hobby was raising bonsai trees.

Brian (on the top) currently serves in the US Air force. He used to work in the construction  field and his specialization was building framework. The Lord knew what He had for him before he came to Ishinomaki.

This time, the group helped Mr. Kawanami clear out his yard. Thanks to great team work, Pastor Chizuo was able to leave the group under the leadership of Glen Phipps from Calvary Chapel Okinawa. This allowed Pastor Chizuo to take care of some logistical business - our Emergency Relief Worker toll road passes!

Our passes were set to expire at the end of the day. These permits have been a HUGE blessing since they have saved the groups hundreds of dollars in toll road fees between Tokyo and Ishinomaki. So, we were eager to renew them. We had been given renewal forms and directed to City Hall. Since Pastor Chizuo had visited City Hall the day before, he knew bureaucracy was awaiting him. He remembered how a worker from the evacuation center gave him the local congressman's contact information. He said a prayer and dialed the congressman's phone number. Pastor Chizuo told the congressman how the groups have been traveling back and forth between Tokyo and Ishinomaki every week in order to help with relief work. He told him how much money the passes saved the group each week. Pastor Chizuo then asked the congressman if he would like the group to continue taking the money saved and investing into the people of his city or if he would like the money to be spent on toll road fees. The congressman told Pastor Chizuo he would meet him at City Hall and make sure the passes were renewed. Praise God!

Here's Pastor Chizuo with the city official in charge of issuing permits. Once at City Hall, we were able to maneuver through the red tape thanks to the help of the congressman. Praise God we were given renewed passes for each vehicle and even a few spares!!! The LORD provides!!!

But remember it happened all because the Lord sent the rain on our team.
Thank you, Father! Praise the Lord, Jesus!


  1. It was a great team effort. We were led by the LORD!

    Thank You Jesus!


  2. やった!イエスはすばらしいですね!