Friday, April 15, 2011

Trip #4- Taking stock, unexpected blessing, heading home / 倉庫品の取り出し、予期せぬ祝福、家へ帰宅

With this week being a first attempt at a more regular schedule able to sustain a large group of about 20 people, it is important to share with you all the aspects of what makes such a week of ministry work. This includes the perhaps less than glamorous jobs of cleaning up, doing inventory of supplies, and other logistical things that are absolutely necessary to ensure the next trip can be just as successful.
今週は20 人という大きなグループでの参加となり、いつものスケジュールとはまったく違った試みでした。どのように1週間のミニストリーを作り上げるかをあらゆる角度から見て分かち合うことは重要な事です。片付けや物資の在庫管理などあまり目立たない仕事を含め、また次の旅でも同じようにスムーズ に続けるために必要な、完全に理にかなった事です。

The morning was spent with one team cleaning the house and BBQ grills, one team transferring supply items to our storage unit and doing a detailed inventory, and one team making connections with other groups working in the area. Though all three of these events were awesome in their own right, it was the outside connection that was the unexpected blessing.
今 朝1つ目のチームは家とバーベキューで使う鉄板をきれいにし、2つ目のチームは物資を倉庫に移して倉庫品の整理をして、3つ目のチームはこの地域で奉仕し ている他のグループと連絡を取り合っていました。それぞれの3つのチームとも成すべきことをしていて素晴らしかったのですが、外で連絡を取り合っていた チームには、予期せぬ祝福がありました。

Chizuo and Pancho in front of the new CalvaryTouhoku Relief utility truck.This unexpected blessing was given to us bySamaritan's Purse, who we met with in the morning at their Sendai warehouse headquarters. Not only that, they filled the truck bed with cleaning supplies including a 2000 watt generator. We are incredibly blessed by the generosity of this terrific ministry, and we will most certainly put this truck and the supplies to good use beginning the next trip.

After everything was put back in order, it was time to get back to Tokyo where the team could separate and return to their homes. What a terrific week! We are so encourged by the prayers and support by everyone who has connected with us on this blog. Thank you so much, and stay tuned for trip number five, beginning Monday, April 18, where we will share with you how the Lord will continue to grow and refine this ministry.
全ての物事が整理された後、チームがそれぞれの場所に戻る時が来ました。なんとすばらしい1週間だったのでしょう!このブログを読んで下さっているみなさん の祈りと支援に、とても励まされています。ありがとうございます。また4/18(月)から始まる5回目の旅もどうぞよろしくお願いします。引き続き、神が どのようにこのミニストリーを成長させ、磨きをかけ続けてくださるかを分かち合いたいと思います。


  1. Thank you for this blog and for letting us (SoCal, USA) know about the relief efforts taking place on the other side of the world. Our prayers are with you!

    One love,
    Cindy A.

  2. I just found your blog today through a friend. I am working on a project here in Northern California collecting over 1,000 handmade quilts to send to Japan. The Lord said collect and make the quilts, but I don't know where to send them. I am getting confirmation on free shipping from Fed Ex for free shipping to Japan. Could I send them to you? Could you distribute them to the people you are helping?
    you can read about our efforts on my blog

    thanks and God bless your efforts
    Marilyn Lewis

  3. Praying that the Lord will continue to bless, strengthen, and guide you in every step as you show Christ's love and hope to a people who are in dire need of both! I pray that the Lord will continue to open the hearts of the Japanese people. May His glory shine forth in and through all that you do!

  4. I have been praying for 3 weeks now for the Lord to provide a truck for you...and then I saw the picture! We continue to pray for you all and for the furture trips.
    Serving the Lord in Uganda

  5. Hi Destiny! It's awesome to know that!!! Today, we've found a house in Ishinomaki!!!! The Lord is good!!! Thank you Jesus and the Father!