Monday, April 4, 2011

Trip #3- Arrival 到着

Hello again in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Trip 3 is underway in the Tohoku region, just wanted to post a quick update to announce our arrival.

The Trip #3 Team. Standing from left to right: From Calvary Chapel Iwakuni Pastor Mike Silva and his son Jacob, from Calvary Chapel Okinawa Pastor Rick Barnett and missionary Robert Dodd, from Calvary Chapel Naha Pastor Masaru Oshiro, from CC Okinawa Asst Pastor Glenn Phipps. Kneeling from left to right: From Calvary Chapel Kokubunji Toki Kato and staff member Chihiro Kinoshita. Not shown is Hajime Nakajima and Maxx Godsey, both from CC Kokubunji.
Toki conquers the inflation of his first air mattress!

We arrived in Sendai late Monday night to a wonderful house, provided under special arrangement with a local church. We are overwhelmed with the blessing of having such a wonderful place to stay, and are so encouraged for the coming week.

We look to the Lord to guide our every step this week as we reach out to the people of the Tohoku area. Thank you for your continued prayers, they are truly felt!

Last note- check out the new page in the tabs at the top of the posts called "Maps of the Ministry," which is posted to give you a better idea of the Tohoku region we are ministering in. You are part of this ministry...THANK YOU!
P.S. 画面の上の方にある「Maps of the Ministry(ミニストリーマップ) 」という新しいタブをチェックしてみて下さい。私たちが東北地方で仕えている場所などが、分かりやすく印されています。実際に現場に来ていない皆さんも、このミニストリーの一部です。


  1. Pastor Chizo, thankyou so much for your continued posts,as Calvary Chapel Kampala, in Uganda we continue to uplift you in prayers.
    Richest blessings in all God is using your for in His service, impacting the lives of many for Christ~!

  2. thanks for continuing to keep us updated on your journey to heal the broken hearted.