Monday, April 11, 2011

Trip #4- Our biggest team yet! これまでで一番大きなチーム!

Wow has the Lord blessed us as we begin our fourth trip to the Touhoku Region! We are ecstatic to introduce our largest team so far, 18 brothers and sisters in Christ uniting to serve the least and the lost.

Once again, the Lord has brought together many churches to serve in unity and love. Represented by this team are Calvary Chapel Okinawa, Calvary Chapel Ginowan, Calvary Chapel Kokubunji, Horizon Tokyo Chapel, and Calvary Chapel Montebello. The team poses here outside of CC Kokubunji before we depart.

With a team this size, constant prayer is a must! The team enters the throne room of our Lord in prayer before they enter the cars.

The plan for this week has been given a little more structure, and it is our prayer to adopt this plan as a beginning template for future trips, as the Lord leads. It is also time to begin preparing for groups from churches outside Japan to join in these trips. A special invitation and information will be posted soon to describe that in more detail, but we are excited in anticipation of how God will be expanding this ministry!

On the road to Sendai, a little wet and windy, and then all of a sudden a 7.0 earthquake rattles the countryside! No injuries or damage to report, but we are soon ushered off the expressway and must find another route north. And we are still over three hours away from destination! Never a dull moment over here.

We attempt to enter the expressway by another entrance further north, only to be denied. Cool short video now available concerning this incident. We then made our way by a parallel local road, and found a restaurant to eat dinner and fellowship. As we finish, we discover online that the expressway is reopened, and we are quickly able to get back on and make it to Sendai by 11 p.m., a little later than planned but we just praise the Lord for a safe arrival.

As we continue to share our adventures this week, please join us in prayer for strong unity within this awesome large team, and for full redemption of time and we attempt to reach even more of the communities with the love and hope of Jesus Christ. Thanks so much, see you tomorrow!

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