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J's Café's Rich G.


My name is Rich Giddens. Some of you may know me others probably don't so let me give you a brief introduction of myself.
I came to Japan from San Diego where God drew me close to Himself. I realized the He died personally for me... For ME! I realized this at a church called, Horizon Christian Fellowship. Through pastor Mike's teaching God was like slamming truth in my heart in a way that was so powerful I remember I had to restrain myself from standing up and shouting, 'For if you don't love your brother, your sister, or your mother, how can you say that you love God! It was in response to what my pastor was teaching that day. Never happened again, but God did something deep in me and that was it for me. I was all in. I went through the School of Evangelism, and was an intern pastor for one year there. Interned for one month at Youth Development Intl and then made my way over to Japan as a missionary. Got married here to my wife Emi two years later and have been here ever since.
I experienced the earthquake down in Yokohama, (biggest I've ever been in even though we were so far away from the epicenter.) and after seeing the tsunami footage on tv and the net I begged God to send me. I waited for about 4 1/2 months and then got the call I was waiting for. Told my wife about it and said to her, "If you are not 100% about me going, then I won't go." She gave me the green light to go I came up to work with Samaritan's Purse in Ishinomaki.  After being away from her for close to one and a half years, only seeing her for a few times every few months, she moved up her with me.
Because she has such good friends down in Yokohama, and because she really loves Yokohama, she said she would only come up for three months. Then she told me one day that God told her that,

'Yokohama is no longer your city." She's been up her almost one year now.

I have been involved with J's Café since I came up to Ishinomaki but initially never thought I would be leading here. I started making preparations for running a cafe many years ago not knowing that this knowledge would be utilized at J's.

We've got some more things to do here on the building etc.. before we can open up as a fully equipped cafe, but we have been holding our Sunday morning services here one year and ten months. There have been many volunteers, interns and teams that have been involved with J's Café in one way or another since we've been here. And to each of those I would just like to thank you so much for taking your time to serve God and the people of Ishinomaki here at J's. We've come a long way and we have a bit more to go. I see J's as a 'Point of Contact'. Our location is great and with the
elementary school opening back up (closed since the tsunami and they are working on it now) in April, I think things will only get crazier. We have a Harvest Party planned for this month, a gospel concert next month, a Christimas party in Dec and a team from a Calvary in the States coming in
early January.

Please pray for us. I have been praying for a lady that came to J's during a time when a team was here from Perris Valley Calvary. She was her at an outreach only briefly but made it known at that time that she was suicidal. The only problem was we didn't know where she lived. To make matters worse there was a lady who jumped of a bridge to her death not long after meeting her.... I could only hope that she wasn't the one... but even anyone jumping is a loss that shouldn't have happened. This Sunday after church when only Tora and I were here, and my wife went to get the van, I saw her through the window! "Tora! There she is! It's Junko! Grab anything and give it to her!" He ran out first and I grabbed a Free tract with a CD attached for her and followed Tora.
 We spent some time talking to her and she looked much better but I can see there is still some heaviness there.
Please pray for us. Please pray about coming to help us short or long term. Working full time we are not able to throw ourselves into the ministry as much as we would like. Please pray for us.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trip: 9/26-28


駅で夕食後、レンタカーを借りて宿舎を提供してくださっている教会へ向かいました。予定されていた7人乗りの車に不具合があり、知主夫さんが交渉された結果、同じ値段で10人乗りの車に変更になりました!  明日からの導きを祈って、早めに就寝。

朝のディボーションで、被災された方々の話をまず聞くことの大切さを教えられました。また、「3回イエスを否定したペテロが立ち直った理由は、イエスが彼の信仰がなくならないように祈られたから」と語られ、同じ主が私たちのためにも祈ってくださっていることを思って、心が強められました。 朝食後、車で石巻へ。カフェにも寄りました。まだ完成はしていませんが、今までのチームの祈りと作業の積み重ねによって、とてもおしゃれなスペースに変身中でした。主が完成に導いてくださいますように!




そこから鹿妻(かづま)団地に移動。 団地で待ち合わせていた土屋さん、熊谷さんとしばらくフェローシップできました。 前のチームが団地の庭に植えたたくさんの花々が、驚くほどいきいきと成長しているのを見て、行き届いたお世話にも感動しました。




Monday, November 14, 2011










カルバリチャペル国分寺(ジーザス・コミュニティ)牧者 カルバリ東北リリーフ代表  桜井 知主夫

推薦状 救助支援活動で最も大切なことは、すべてを失った方々に希望をもたらすことです。しかし私たちは、この希望を箱に詰めて送ったり、トラックに積み込んで運ぶこともできません。希望は異なるパッケージの中にあります。それは、イエス・キリストによる希望を持っている人の心から届けられるものなのです。カルバリー・チャペル・国分寺(ジーザスコミュニティ)はこの希望を3月11日直後から石巻の人々に分かち合ってきました。そして現在も忠実に続けられています。私はこのセミナー参加を個人的にもおすすめいたします。 

CRASH代表理事 ジョナサン・ウィルソン 

参加者の声 カルバリ東北リリーフのミニストリーとともに被災地の方々に仕えたことは、私のクリスチャン人生の中で最も強烈な体験でした。絶望で満ち、魂の霊的な獲得の戦いがある地域に、まさにこのようなときに、主によって使われたことは言葉では言い表すことはできません。私は、まったく新しい仕方でとりなしの祈りについて学びました。私は、聖霊の力が、キリストの真理と愛を被災者の方々の心へ届けるのを見ました。最初の段階では物質的な必要、そして情緒の部分の必要へと移って行きました。いまは、霊的な戦いが増大し、それと同時に以前よりももっと関係を育むことが大切になってきています。主が私たちのために用意されたデザインに完全に心を明け渡すときに、主のために魂を獲得することができるでしょう。第一に、耐えざる祈りと、次に被災地における個々人の犠牲を伴ったいろいろな形での奉仕が求められると思います。まだ多くの働きがなされなければなりません。私が気づいたことは、受けるよりも与える方が幸いだということでした。私がキリストの愛を通して、みなさんを励ましたいことは、来年にかけてどのようにみなさんが、この働きの一部となれるかということです。 

Maxx Godsey  米国海兵隊少佐  現在、カルバリチャペル国分寺でフェローシップ

Monday, September 19, 2011

聖書クラス石巻 Bible Study in Ishinomaki

2011年9月 祈ってください! '11 Sept.  Please Pray!

1.未信者のためのバイブルスタディ Bible Study for non-believers
2.J’sカフェを運営する人が起こされるように Guys for running J's Cafe
3.ミニストリーを引き継ぐ人 Guys for succeeding ministry

こんにちは、みなさん、お元気ですか? 祈っていただくためにブログを書いています。

1.未信者のためのバイブルスタディ Bible Study for non-believers


How are you everyone?  Today, I write this blog because I want you guys to pray for these people. 

We have been still going on to serve our Lord Jesus and people in Ishinomaki.  PTL!   Many lost their houses and started to live in an evacuation center near their houses.  They needed to share room, bathroom, shower, toilet, and etc. and they didn't have privacy for many days.  About 2 months ago many of them  moved to temporally prefab complex and they started to live their with unfamiliar faces.      

After we planted flowers together with people who live there.      


In September 13, we planted flowers at the property of temporal prefab complex with the residents. There were many small rocks on the ground and it was very hard to dig by shovels.  One of residents, Hachiro told me, "These flowers grow strongly once they are deeply rooted into hard ground." When I heard his words,  a thought came into my mind, saying,"I will keep watering these people by teaching the word of God."  I was very encouraged by that.

We planted flowers with the resident of temporal prefab complex. 


In September 14, We had bible study with the residents.  This was 4th time this day.  Hachiro is former police officer and Mr. Suzuki is former Yakuza.  It only happened at the feet of Jesus.  It's just like Matthew and  Simon called the zealot were sitting at the feet of Jesus!  One had been hired by Roman's Army and the other one had been fighting against Roman's Army.  I am very thankful to God that He allowed me to see this happened today!    

Our Bible Study.  Hachiro and Mr. Suzuki were sitting next each other.  


We journey through the Gospel according to Mark.  As I teach them the Gospel at the prefab, I introduce Jesus Christ to non-believers.  The date we studied chapter 4 of Mark together, we went through the parable of Sower and the Seed. When you hear the word of God which kind of grounds describes the most.  1) Satan comes and take the word of God out of your heart.  2) When the difficulties happens to you, you would stop exercising the word of God.  3) When your desire fights against the word of God, you would take precedence over His word.  4) You keep accepting the word of God.  The seed is the word of God.  Please pray for them so that the word of God will grow in their heart and bear fruits.  

We want them to be deeply rooted into this hard ground.



Kazuko showed up at our Bible study for the first time. She listened to me teaching chapter 4 of the Gospel according to Mark.  After the study we shared about what we were impressed the most through the chapter.  She didn't say much about it.  Yet as soon as everyone started talking about whatever she started to share what the Lord had in her heart.  

"30 years ago I almost got baptized at a protestant church.  Yet it was very difficult for me to cross the line for me. So I left the church and for 30 years I didn't go to any church.  But God has watched over me all these years like the Bible says, 'God feeds birds in the sky.'  My husband was often very sick and  we didn't have any food to feed our children.  Whenever we didn't have food our friends brought food for us.  After the death of my husband they kept bringing food even though I never let them know that we didn't have food.  When I was child my Dad used to comfort me by imitating the cry of turtledove.  The last 30 years whenever I was depressed turtledove flew by and cried and comforted me.  God Jesus has watched over me all these years.  This time I believe I can cross the line and get baptism."           

左から 和子さん、トミさん、生方さん
Left to right,  Kazuko, Tomi, and Namekata.  

Please pray for these people and the guys for ministering these people and running our cafe.

J's Cafe

桜井 知主夫
Chizuo Sakurai

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trip #16 被災地で福音を語る