Thursday, March 31, 2011

The 2nd Trip - Day 4: Impressions     2度目の旅 4日目:印象

Thursday was our final day in the Tohoku area. Before we left, we had a chance to pray with the church that so graciously hosted us. Yoshiki Bell, the youngest member of our group, had to say good bye to new friends, but LORD willing, they will keep in touch and see one another again.

Pastor Jack Bell from Calvary Chapel Kamakura spent the drive home reflecting on the week's events. Here are some of his impressions on the trip to Ishinomaki.

"Like most people I watched the video clips of the tsunami taken as it was happening and saw the cars bobbing on water and houses being swept up in the current. It was like watching a movie with very realistic special affects. To see the place firsthand though, made a whole new impression on me.

The area is devastated. Many places look like landfills full of debris and tree trunks mixed with cars and boats scattered around. There is a damp, pervasive odor and gritty mud that seems to cover everything.

In the time that I have lived in Japan I have grown accustomed to the orderliness of the society. The people are very self sufficient, taking meticulous care of their belongings. Everything is kept in order and is always very, very clean. They never seem to be in need of anything. To see these people standing in line to get basic necessities was such a contrast from the norm.

Even before we arrived to set up shop in the Seven Eleven parking lot the people were gathering. We let people into our "store" to pick out 5 items each. Hannah played worship and there was a real sense if the peace of the Lord. It felt good to be able to minister to people and help meet their immediate needs. To give a coat to someone who is shivering and see someone delighted just to get a pair of gloves.

We are aware that their greatest need is spiritual. They need Jesus. We are praying that God would open their hearts to Him that they would be able to see their need for a Savior. That they would read the tracts and New Testaments that we gave them.

As God is using us to reach out in love to meet their physical needs there is a great opportunity to lead them to Jesus. Just as Jesus had His disciples feed the 5000 and then He taught them that He is the Bread of Life. Please pray for the people in Ishinomaki.
~Pastor Jack Bell
Calvary Chapel Kamakura


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  1. Praying for open hearts to recieve Jesus. It's just amazingly hurtful to see the poor people who worked so hard for what they have and now have nothing. We have not forgotten, we are continuing to pray.