Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The 2nd Trip - Day 2: Meeting Needs in Ishinomaki / 2度目の旅 物資を必要とする石巻の人々との出会い

We drove up to the devastated area of Ishinomaki where rubble is everywhere. "It doesn't even look like Japan," Yoko said from the back seat. She's right. There are no words to describe the ruin we witnessed. Boats on streets, cars in water... a train car flipped and twisted on the side of the road without any train tracks in sight. Families who have chosen to return to what's left of their homes are now working hard to bring their living spaces back into living condition.


One woman stood with tears telling us how everything happened so fast and life or death was decided within minutes. She ran from her home with nothing but the clothes on her back. As we opened the truck and handed her over a box of bread and other necessities, her eyes filled with tears again and she just smiled and said thank you. We told her that Jesus sees her hurt and the devastation. He knows the problems she's facing and He loves her so much that He's sending people across her path to help her. She wiped her tears and said, "Thank you, that gives me life."


The men of this family were busy cleaning as we drove down their street. The man in red was without a jacket and had doubled his shirts in order to stay warm. They humbly received jackets, socks, and undershirts as well as a Bible.


As we were getting ready to leave the neighborhood where the men were working, another family member with a baby arrived. She was blessed to be greeted with a box of bread and diapers!


Through a network of friends, this couple's daughter heard that Pastor Chizuo was helping out in her family's area. She drove 90 minutes from her home in Yokohama to Pastor Chizuo's house in Tokyo in order to ask for help in delivering medicine, food and other necessities to her family. The team was able to deliver 3 huge boxes of food and supplies to them directly from their daughter! Although the daughter is a Christian, her parents and brother are not. Please pray for their salvation.


This man is the leader of a community of about 500 people. Their small area was protected by a raised railroad track that served as a barrier from the force of the tsunami. Although most of their stuff was washed away, their houses are still standing. Please keep him in prayer as many are looking to him for leadership in this overwhelming situation.


It was incredible to witness how cultural barriers have been torn down in this time. As we went along today, many people were very open, very receptive and very thankful for the help they received. Amy hugged three ladies and couldn't believe the genuine hugs that she received in return. Japan is not an affectionate nation and one would never invade the personal space of someone they had just met. So, to have the opportunity to physically reach out to someone was incredibly special!


Of course, this openness has come with a breaking and so we must continue to pray now more than ever for the Japanese people!


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  1. Oh Gracious and Loving heavenly Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! Please help them the Japanese people to be open and ready to receive the GOOD News of your Son! Open the eyes and ears to the truth about You and Your Son Jesus, we all pray! Let them be one in You and Jesus, and Your Love shine through them, Abba! Thank You Father, Thank You Jesus for all that you have done for your family and our family! We love You! In Jesus Name, Amen and Amen!