Friday, March 18, 2011

The first trip- packing up                 最初の旅ー荷積み

Beginning Calvary Tohoku Relief has been a series of one awesome blessing from the Lord after another. Please take a look at these pictures and their captions, and then read below them for more quick stories of how the Lord has been at work in Japan!
The team at Jesus Community- Calvary Chapel Kokubunji, March 18, after they completed packing the one truck to go to Sendai that evening. Pastor Chizuo Sakurai who is standing, center, black leather jacket, and another Jesus Community member were en route to Sendai shortly after this photo was taken.
The team loading the 2-ton truck with food, water, clothing, blankets, jackets, first aid kits, sleeping bags, and much more.
Too many blessings! Two of Jesus Community's youth, Toki and Kyoji, load boxes of locally donated food into the truck, The truth was there was so much food donated, some of the non-perishable items had to be left behind for a hopeful follow-on trip later in the week.
Some dried ramen noodles being sorted for loading on the truck. These food items arrived at the church after the truck had finished being loaded, bu the Lord found some room to make sure these favorites found their way on board.
A wonderful God moment. Pastor Chizuo is accepting a 10,000 yen note (about $85) from Yaji, who is a merchandise loader at one of the stores where blankets and jackets were purchased with money supplied from stateside Calvary saints. When Yaji heard what the items were being bought for and where they were going, he wanted to contribute what he had right there and then. Praise the Lord!
More workings from the Lord up to this point:

-Jesus Community received wonderful support from the states almost immediately, and many items were purchased that are desperately needed in the Sendai area, including hand sanitizer, first aid kits, blankets, sleeping bags, jackets, and water.

-The generosity of the saints in Japan is equally wonderful. One example came from a huge foodstuffs industry company that spreads throughout Japan, who on March 18 donated about 7,000 food items including bread and dried items to the church for loading onto the first truck.


-It took one phone call to a businessman believer to secure a delivery of 1800 blankets from a company who is also planning more in the future.


-Finding a partner church in Sendai to connect with initially was an uncertain road at first. But Pastor Chizuo contacted a Bible-believing church he had a relationship with in the past, and in talking to one of the ladies there he discovered her parents were still missing, and in truth most the church was still in a state of shock. He prayed with her concerning her parents, and two hours later she called back praising the Lord that her parents were found safe. The door was then wide open to receive Jesus Community to this Sendai church.


The stories go on and on up to this point in time. Praise the Lord for His mighty provision. Now it is time to step out in faith and get to Sendai! More posts to come, stay tuned!



  1. Please keep those posts coming! So many of us in the states continue to pray, and love seeing and hearing all the Lord is doing!! Our love and prayers are with you all! In Christ's love,
    Pastor John and Robin Milhouse
    Calvary Chapel Moreno Valley, CA

  2. Wow I just started reading this. Simply AMAZING!! God is so amazing.. HE provides!!

  3. What a blessing you are to the community and May God continue to strengthen you in all your efforts. Thank You for these postings.