Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trip #7- The First Stateside Teams アメリカからの最初のチーム

Hello again! We are so blessed to introduce you to the first teams coming from the United States to join Calvary Tohoku Relief! We have had individuals come alongside us in the past, but this week marks a real turning point in the ministry as we begin to receive entire teams from the States to labor with us. What a blessing and an encouragement it is to us in Japan to have these brothers and sisters in Christ take this time and effort to come and energize us with their zeal and love to share Jesus with the people of the Tohoku region!

Our biggest team yet, and almost all from the States! Calvary Chapels represented here include Kokubunji, La Habra, Rancho Santa Margarita, Pocatello, Costa Mesa, West Grove, San Juan Capistrano. Not picture here on the team is Jack Bell from CC Kamakura.  
This is just a quick post to let you know we have arrived in Sendai safely, ready for a week of fellowship and service. We arrived in Sendai early enough to visit the tsunami devastation area next to our hosting church here. It was a good introduction for our new friends to see an example of the environment they will be laboring in. Yet it was also an excellent opportunity to view and contemplate the amazing speed of recovery that the Japanese people are achieving in so many areas here.  

Perhaps you may remember this photo from Trip #1, here where Chizuo-san is being shown the one-week old wreckage of a house from the owner in the Sendai coastal neighborhood of Arahama.  
Here is that same house foundation, taken this evening. There are many homes in this neighborhood which have been cleaned up like this.  
The speed at which recovery and rebuilding is occurring in so many areas is such a strong reminder to us that this ministry must remain a spiritually focused one, because it is the spiritual need that will not change and has eternal consequences. So please join us in prayer this week as we labor in physical ways but also more importantly in spiritual ways. Thanks, God bless, talk to you again soon!  

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