Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trip #7- Casting wide, casting deep    広く深く投げる

Wednesday was a full day where the group split into teams to meet divine appointments, mostly to perform cleaning projects for citizens of Ishinomaki who we had met before and also for new friends.  Along the way, many teams met Japanese relief workers from various agencies and there were awesome opportunities for fellowship and sharing the Gospel.  Below are a lot of photos gathered by many team members.  There were so many stories, so many blessings, it is hard to capture them all in this post, so please enjoy what is here and know that for every scene on this post there were 100 more testimonies of blessings as the group labored physically apart but completely united in the Holy Spirit.  Thank you Jesus!

水曜日は充実した一日となりました。グループは神様による特別な約束、おもに以前から知っている石巻市民の方々と新しく知り合った方々のための清掃作業プロジェクトに対応するためにいくつかのチームに別れました。途中、多くのチームは様々な機関からの日本人作業員たちに出会い、交わりと福音を分かち合うすばらしい機会を持ちました。下の写真は多くのチームメンバーから集められたものです。たくさんの物語、たくさんの祝福があります。 今回の投稿でそれらのすべてを知ることは難しいと思いますが、ここにある写真をどうか楽しんでくださり、この投稿のすべてのシーンには100を超える祝福の証しがあることを知ってください。このグループは場所的には離れていても、聖霊において全くひとつとなって労したのです。ありがとうイエス様!

At the storage units, praying for the Lord to cast His net wide and deep today. 
Jon and Charity share with young relief workers working on the same site. 

The neighborhood of one of the cleaning projects.
Jon shares with the Japanese relief workers...they were so receptive and friendly. 
There were many opportunities for one-to-one ministry in the midst of cleaning. 
There was also lots of cleaning work to be done.  Ron and Mike hard at it. 
Haru digging deep! 
Now that's teamwork! 
Steve and Haru share the Gospel with a new friend. 
Ron and a new friend. 
Inside one of the house projects, before the cleaning began.
Tanya and Kelli taking a moment to chill.
Jack and Tanya outside the home cleaning site.
Kelli  and Tanya share with and encourages one of the Japanese relief workers also on site.
Another work site, the before picture, with the task being to clear out the gutter lane along the wall.
Same project, the after shot.  The team gave the family more than they asked for!
Herb, Ryan, John, Joe, Chris, and Ben, the team the Lord used to make the above pictures possible.
Overall, CTR (Calvary Tohoku Relief)  has not yet seen a day with so many simultaneous ministries happening, it was awesome!  Also awesome to witness has been the speed with which the Lord has united these 20 people from so many churches in the love of the body of Christ, thank you God!  And the Lord has given the group an even bolder plan for Thursday- two BBQ outreaches in two areas at the same time!  But we are confident in our Lord Jesus to provide the Holy Spirit to guide our every step as we discover the plan He has already established before us.  We desire your prayers as we enter into this new level of ministry the rest of the week.  God bless you, we'll have another praise report soon!


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